Life Coaching

Your Life Is In Your Control

Life coaching is a collaborative process aimed at helping individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. Unlike therapy, which addresses past traumas and mental health issues, life coaching is forward-focused, emphasizing action, accountability, and growth. It’s important to note that while therapy can be covered by health insurance depending on your plan, life coaching falls outside of insurance coverage.

Life coaching can…

Provide support, motivation, and practical strategies to help clients maximize their potential and create a more balanced life.

Help clients overcome obstacles like feeling stuck in their career or lacking clarity about their life purpose.

Support clients in building better relationships and communication skills.

How It Works

With four simple steps, our counselors will help you reach your goals.

1. Goal Setting:

The life coaching process typically begins with a consultation to identify your strengths, values, and areas for improvement. Together with your coach, you will establish clear and achievable goals.

2. Action Planning:

Once goals are established, our coaches work with you to develop a strategic action plan.

3. Accountability & Support:

Our coaches provide ongoing support, encouragement, and accountability to keep you focused and motivated.

4. Reflection & Adjustment:

As you take action towards your goals, your coach encourages reflection and self-assessment.

You Are Not Alone

Life coaching is universal. Regardless of background or circumstances, individuals worldwide can benefit from the insights, support, and strategies offered by life coaching. By taking the time to focus on oneself, individuals can experience profound personal transformation and growth.


In 2020, there were around 71,000 professional life coaches worldwide.


The life coaching industry has experienced a 6.7% growth rate in the past five years.


Around 88% of participants experienced “significant positive change” from life coaching.


Life coaching can result in a 57% decrease in anxiety levels and a 44% decrease in depression levels.

Meet Our Coaches

Katarina Zoltan, PSY.D.

Dr. Katarina Zoltan is a life coach who specializes in communication skills, time management, greater life fulfillment, getting unstuck, developing strategies, and building better relationships. She has extensive background and experience working with children, adolescents, and adults who struggle with a variety of symptoms, such as difficulties listening, anxiety, depression or unhappiness, trauma, and acculturation issues.

Dr. Zoltan received both her doctorate and master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Additionally, Dr. Zoltan serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where she teaches courses in the Master’s in Clinical Counseling Psychology program.

Karen Hicks

Karen is a life coach who specializes in executive functioning, practicing communication skills, greater life fulfillment, and building better relationships. Karen believes that the client is the expert on their life, and she uses a blended approach to help others cultivate the course they desire.

Karen received a Master’s of Counseling Psychology with a concentration in marriage and family therapy from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology; prior to this, she received a master’s in business administration and worked as an accountant for multiple years before returning to her true passion of psychology. Having facilitated a career change herself, she has firsthand knowledge about coping with life changes.

Falyn Mellul

Falyn Mellul offers coaching sessions for a wide range of clients. She specializes in working with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression and OCD related symptoms. Falyn aims to help clients reach their mental health goals by guiding clients to recognize their abilities and strengths within themselves. Falyn has a background working in hospital settings and practicing treatment modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), trauma-informed therapy, and Strengths Focused Therapy. 

Ashley Bush, LCSW

Ashley Bush is a licensed clinical social worker and life coach who specializes in greater life fulfillment, developing strategies, and building better relationships. She sees herself as a partner to her clients in processing all of the things that make life difficult and learning to identify and tolerate their emotional responses to life’s stressors. Ashley offers comprehensive support to navigate life with confidence and resilience.

Getting Started - FAQs

If you are considering Inner Life for guidance and would like to learn more about our services, practice, or therapists, please explore our frequently asked questions. Taking the next step to improve your own well-being begins with reaching out for guidance, and we are ready to help.