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At Inner Life Psychological Services, we care for you. We’re dedicated mental health professionals who recognize the benefits and difficulties of emotional growth. Inner Life counselors provide support to help guide you towards self-discovery.

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Inner Life Psychological Services was founded in 2013 by Dr. Colleen Napleton with the goal of improving her community’s well-being.

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About Inner Life

We foster an environment where our community is empowered and embraced as they embark on their journey towards enhanced well-being. We specialize in offering children, adolescents, and adults the tools and support needed to get to the root of what is going on in their lives: the why behind the suffering, the meaning behind the behavior, the understanding of old patterns repeated over and over again in new friendships and relationships. We know the need for authentic validation of one’s experience in the world. We know that life is hard, no matter what life you have. 

We are with you, see you, and guide you into healing and moving forward.


Inner Life’s beginning is rooted in Dr. Colleen Napleton’s internship and postdoctoral studies at the Hanna Perkins Center, a therapeutic preschool and kindergarten. Dr. Colleen credits the Hanna Perkins Center as the place where she learned everything important she uses in her work today. She gained invaluable insights into child development and therapeutic practices, delved into the intricacies of each developmental stage (from infancy through parenthood), learned how to really talk with kids, and observed child and adolescent therapy cases in the Center’s clinic. 

Every client starts as an infant, so this dedication to the early years truly helped Dr. Colleen shape a deeper level of understanding of all humans. Dr. Colleen started Inner Life Chicago in 2013 as a way to jump both feet into a career of helping others. While Inner Life began as a child-only center, we quickly expanded to include adult work, allowing us to help people of all ages in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood. In 2017, Inner Life Hinsdale opened, bringing our services to the suburbs.

Getting Started - FAQs

If you are considering Inner Life for guidance and would like to learn more about our services, practice, or therapists, please explore our frequently asked questions. Taking the next step to improve your own well-being begins with reaching out for guidance, and we are ready to help.

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